Class of 1988 Reunion

Our 30-year reunion seemed inconceivable – how could that much time have gone by? And so quickly?

I missed our 20-year reunion as was with my one or two-day-old brand new baby girl. So for many of the people on the night – I hadn’t seen them for 20+ years.

Well! What a night! From the moment we arrived there were hugs and squeals and laughter. All night – these magnificent women in their mid-40s went from person to person, laughing, sharing (sometimes crying). It was amazing. And just quietly – everyone looked absolutely stunning!

Perhaps it is because we are now all comfortable in our own skins. Maybe enough time has passed that whatever school was (or wasn’t) seems a long time ago – and just not really important anymore.

What is important is the lifelong friendships reignited, a tribe brought together once more.

What a night! Truly what a night!! I’m glad that there were so many avid photo snappers on the night (looking at you Beckie Taylor) – and to the many others – they capture the fun, the stories and the laughter (possibly the wine intake too!).

The time went far too quickly and then most partied on elsewhere.  Thanks, Jacqui and the Old Girls’ Association, that was a night to remember!

– Tammy Tansley

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