Class of 1989 Reunion

30 years is hard to get your head around! We dressed up and showed up to our reunion, where we were greeted warmly and generously by Principal Jennifer Oaten and OGA Coordinator Jacqui Daniels. We enjoyed a tour of the College (both new and old haunts), and talked until we were hoarse!

Jennifer read from our annual in 1989 that said the school was looking forward to automating the library! We reminisced on the magnificent women who were our teachers and inspiration, especially Sr Sheila (“If it is to be, it is up to me”) and Sr Consilli.

Our gorgeous head girl, Nadia, continued to show why she was always the best choice to lead us, delivering a speech from the heart and reflecting all our thoughts.

A little bit of courage, a lot of excitement, and a huge amount of genuine interest and acceptance, bubbled and energised the room. 30 years is a long time for life to ‘happen’, as it does for all of us, but for a brief moment, we stepped back in time to our 16/17-year-old selves again. 30 years allows you to look at yourself and others with a deeper sense of respect, kindness, and love for the vulnerable, hopeful, optimistic young girls we were.

It was incredible the distances people travelled to be at the reunion, both interstate and country, it helped make the night very special. Thank you to all the people who made our reunion possible. We are very grateful.

Michelle Gorringe (Stickland 1989)


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