Cloudstreet: An Epic Experience

Year 12 Drama students settled in to watch the Black Swan State Theatre Company production of Cloudstreet at His Majesty’s Theatre this week. The production was epic in scale, with the whole experience finishing five and half hours later.

Here is what some of our students had to say about the performance:

“Cloudstreet was phenomenal. Incredibly engaging with amazing actors and beautiful stage work. Absolutely loved it and completely recommend” Tahlia Menner 

“Although it was a five and a half-hour performance, I was captivated by every second of it. It was a truly beautiful story that covered both the ups and downs of the family experience that all of us in some way or another could relate to” Ciara Sadler 

“We are all feeling very lucky to have had the opportunity to see such an incredible and renowned piece of theatre. It had our attention at every second, through unique stage design, phenomenal acting and a captivating story. Everyone left His Majesty’s theatre feeling very moved.” Sophie Kelly

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