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College Ministry Team Executive

The College Ministry Team comprises of approximately 50 students from Years 7 -12 and ten staff. They collaborate, review, and initiate creative ways for students and staff to connect with their faith. As a Mercy College, our Christian faith and Mercy heritage are central to all we do and are. The Ministry Team works collaboratively to ensure student and staff faith experiences are relevant and meaningful.

The Students Ministry Team is led by six capable and passionate Year 12 students. Under the leadership of Niamh Smithies (President) and Alice Handcock (Vice President), they meet with the executive and the group members to discuss aspects of the Faith pillar of our strategic plan. Through workshops and consultative decision-making with stakeholders, these students formulate action plans that are targeted and goal specific.

One such action plan was creating a student prayer book containing prayers written by students for students. The student prayer book is currently in its final stages of compilation and will shortly be available to students.

Today, the Student Executive Team members were recognised for their leadership in the Ministry space. This week, the leaders were presented with Certificates of Recognition at a special morning tea. The team now has a dedicated space in the College, which will be used for meetings, planning days and project work. We are immensely proud of what the team has achieved to date, and we look forward to supporting them in future endeavours.

L to R: Chloe Williams, Emily Berson, Alicia Tory, Olivia Taliangis, Abby Young and Alice Handcock

Vice President of the Ministry Team, Alice Handcock said “The most rewarding thing about being in the Ministry Team is that I have been exposed to a whole other community of the school. Being able to contribute to the College as well with giving back to the wider community, alongside an amazing and supporting team, is so fulfilling.”

Congratulations are extended to Niamh Smithies (absent from the photos), Alice Handcock, Alicia Tory, Abby Young, Emily Berson and Olivia Taliangis. What a fantastic way to witness our Christian faith and Mercy Heritage.

Jilly Landers | Director of Mission.

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