Introducing Our OGA Committee – Micaela Haddrill (Grandison, 1999)

What had been your journey since leaving Santa Maria College? 
I completed an Animal Science degree at UWA; married and have two children. I am currently working at Telethon Kids Institute.

How long have you been involved in the OGA?
I joined the OGA in 2018. I had just finished a year away from paid work, and was keen on getting involved somehow. I had just accepted a new job and in the same week, I got a call to ask if I’d be interested in joining the OGA. I was really interested in helping to give back to the school community, after being away from it for so long. 

What are your fondest memories of Santa Maria College?
Boarding school! I spent five years boarding. Many great memories; creating friendships; learning the importance of communicating; tolerating; giving things a go; and developing relationships that you learn and grow from.

Looking back, I understand now why boredom for young teens is so important. We had many moments on weekends when we had to make our own fun, and create something from not much. The conversations and entertainment we provided ourselves was pretty special. Many sessions in the kitchen with the stereo, a broom or spoon (anything that could pass for a microphone) and the ability to just be….

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