Congratulations to Madeline Orifici (2005)

Madeline Orifici celebrated her special day at the Santa Maria College Chapel marrying Stephen Bettella on 30 November 2019.

Madeline had her best friend Laura Moore (2005), who was a Santa Girl, and also her sisters Sarah Neale (2002, Orifici) and Jessica Orifici (2000) who were also Santa Girls in her beautiful bridal party.

The most special part of the day for Madeline was having her father compose the music for the ceremony and perform it on the day with her very talented cousin, Pia Harris (2001), and  Uncle Tony Harris.

Madeline chose the Santa Maria Chapel because of her very fond memories of her time at school.  Madeline absolutely loved being a Santa Maria student and remembers always loving the Chapel so decided to have her wedding there.  All her sisters and cousins also attended the College so there is a lot of family history there.


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