Connecting Learning to Life in Science

As part of the Year 9 Marine Science elective studies program, the girls have been busy preparing for lessons they were to teach to Year 5 students in the super labs this week.

The girls developed an eight-minute lesson on a marine science topic of their choice. The lessons included key learning objectives, resources and assessment tasks. These lessons were then delivered to the Year 5 students. The Year 5 classes have recently been learning about adaptations, so the activity fitted very well.

The girls did an outstanding job and the activity was an excellent example of how we connect learning to life in Science.  It was made more difficult as the girls needed to teach with their masks on, however, they communicated their ideas really well.

The Year 5 girls enjoyed lessons on dugongs, great white sharks, fish adaptations, the Mariana trench, and shipwrecks, just to name a few of the topics.

The Year 9s collaborated on the activities planned and demonstrated creativity throughout. It was a difficult activity and the feedback will form part of their assessment. 

Here are some of the facts that the Year 5 girls remembered from the lessons:

I was very sad to learn that otters are becoming extinct because of the oil. I enjoyed studying with the Year 9 girls because you have more of a relationship with them and it is much easier.

The most interesting fact that I will remember is sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t drift apart.

A fact that I will remember is that the bottom part of a bull shark is white so it looks like the sunlight and the top is grey so it looks like the water.

Teaching the Year 5s about otters and how they are endangered and important to our ecosystem was interesting, fun to do and I learnt heaps.

I have really enjoyed this project in Marine Science. It was such an interesting new experience, to teach the Year 5s. It was fun to see how their smile would light up and they would get excited and have fun doing our activities and seeing them asking questions and getting involved.

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