Cool Coding Fun in IGNITE

Year 8 IGNITE students have been learning some pretty cool stuff as they develop their coding skills.

The girls have created games, fitness trackers and even musical instruments, such as the piano, seen in these photos. They have been using the coding programs Scratch and Python to complete challenges using microprocessors, microbits and Makey Makey. This isn’t an easy skill and the girls visually saw failure in their coding program when their game didn’t work or there was no sound when they played their piano.

Throughout this task, the girls have enhanced their creativity, collaborative skills, analytical thinking and problem solving working together to create a step counter, a rock paper scissors game and playing tunes on the pianos created using a lead pencil and Makey Makey.

Students will use these introductory skills, to complete a sustainability project aligned to the UN sustainability development goals, which will empower the girls with skills as they move into Year 9.

The IGNITE program is the College’s Gifted and Talented Program and applications are welcomed from students in Year 5 and 7 in 2021.

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