Cultivating Excellence in Learning: Unveiling Phase 3 of our Vision for Learning Strategy

In the pursuit of personal excellence for all, our school has embarked on a journey to shape a comprehensive Vision for Learning strategy.

Building on the foundations laid earlier this year, our teachers gathered today for an inspiring professional learning session. Led by Simone Sawiris, Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning, staff focused on the habits and tools possessed by students who exhibit excellence in learning. By pooling their diverse experiences and perspectives, teachers explored various facets of exemplary learning behaviours. These habits encompassed traits such as perseverance, self-discipline, curiosity, critical thinking, effective time management, and a growth mindset. It became evident that cultivating these habits would empower students to overcome challenges, develop resilience, and maximise their potential for lifelong learning.

Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning Simone Sawiris with her learning 'toolkit'

Using the metaphor of a learning ‘toolkit’, staff identified specific strategies for students to maximise their learning. It became apparent that equipping students with a diverse set of tools would enable them to navigate the complex landscape of knowledge acquisition and application, fostering holistic growth and empowering them to become self-directed learners.

Recognising the significant influence teachers possess in shaping students’ academic success, the session also dedicated time to identifying the habits of exceptional teachers who foster excellence in their students. It was acknowledged that teachers who inspire greatness possess a passion for their subject matter, a genuine care for their students’ wellbeing, and a commitment to continuous professional growth. The teachers explored intentional habits and strategies employed by outstanding educators, such as classroom routines, individualising instruction to meet diverse learning needs, providing constructive feedback, and encouraging student reflection and goal setting. By understanding and embracing these habits, our teachers aim to cultivate an atmosphere where every student feels supported, challenged, and motivated to strive for their personal best.

The ultimate goal of our Vision for Learning strategy is to equip all students with the necessary tools and habits to achieve their own personal excellence. Through the collective efforts of our dedicated teachers, we aim to create a learning environment that nurtures and develops the potential of each student.

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