Cyber Safety for Students and Parents with Jordan Foster

Jordan Foster is the founder of ySafe,  a company of social media and cyber safety experts. She spoke with parents and students in Years 5 to 8 earlier this week.

During the day, Jordan spent time with our girls speaking about the advantages and disadvantages of social media. She gave our students plenty of tips to get the most out of technology, whilst also staying safe online. The students were appreciative of Jordan’s reminder of the far-reaching ramifications social media may have in our lives, as well as her comments on technology addiction.

The parenting tips shared and issues discussed in the evening session were very enlightening and Jordan discussed a range of strategies that can be implemented to ensure your daughter is safe whilst using online tools and apps. This generation will need to develop skills and understandings to manage their digital footprint and maximise the many positive elements smart phones and other devices offer.

Being a parent in this digital age has its challenges, but we know the importance of an open and trusting relationship with our children, supporting them as they navigate the world. Remember to talk to your daughter about what she is using online and what is happening; let her know you will help with any issues that arise.

Jordan has many resources for parents which are available through the following link. A Parent Guide and templates for digital contracts can be downloaded from here.

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