Dads Become Hairdressers

Tracy Webster – Dean of Year 7

My dad and I had so much fun at the Year 7 Father Daughter Evening.  During the night Dad learnt now to do my hair…I know, right! I must say he wasn’t too bad either, in fact, I thought he was pretty good. He learnt something – three pony tails do not look good on anyone!!! It was great because Dad got to meet some of my new friend’s dads too. The night was lots of fun doing something we NEVER do together – my hair, who would have thought! Oh, and the food and gift bags were amazing too. I can’t wait to do this sort of this thing in Year 8. I loved it.  Sophia Whimp (Year 7)

On Tuesday night we had a Year 7 Father Daughter Evening. We ate sliders, ice-creams and drank juice. After dinner, our dads got taught how to do our hair. They learned how to plait, do pony tails, buns and some even learned how to braid. I had loads of fun and it was great, because I don’t to get spend much time with my dad as I’m a boarder and he works a lot. So, it was a great opportunity to bond and spend time with my dad. I would definitely do it again. Abbey Simkin (Year 7)

My Dad really enjoyed doing my hair because he is never ever allowed to touch it, it is restricted for mum and I only! Dad has been going on about doing my hair for 10+ years, bragging about how good he is at it and he has never actually tried doing it until Tuesday night. He was actually great at it, although I somehow turned out to have Princess Leia buns in my hair. Dad and I loved getting together and really enjoyed the beautiful food and chatting to friends on our table. The Father Daughter Evening was an experience that Dad and I will never forget. Jessica Gooding, (Year 7) 

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