Dance In Non-traditional Places

Our Year 10 dancers have been busy creating innovative performances in hallways, stairwells, and verandas as part of a site-specific tour of the College.

The girls chose a location inside our beautiful buildings or around the grounds and made short dance pieces inspired by the architecture or landscape.

On the assessment day, our audience walked to the site of each performance and thoroughly enjoyed seeing our everyday learning environment from different perspectives.

This task always allows our students the space to collaborate and take creative risks. We look forward to an exciting new site-specific Dance Tour each year. It always amazes us what the girls come up with!

Here is what two of our Year 10 students have to say about the experience:

The site-specific dance tour was a very enjoyable task. It enabled me to extend my creativity by moving into spaces that are not typically seen as performance areas. The aspect I most enjoyed throughout this process was having the freedom to select spaces around the school. One of the challenges throughout this process was adapting and finding the best viewpoints from an audience’s perspective. We were able to overcome this challenge by taking time to stand back and observe our location from different places, ensuring the final choice captured the movement. It was very rewarding to perform our final piece to Mrs Oaten and the Year 10 Drama students and be able to see other pieces in their spaces which showcased the unique nature of the school and each dancer. Clara Tarquinio

While completing the choreography for the site-specific tour, my group was based at three windows in a hallway, which had students and teachers walking in and out. I think at first this annoyed me but as our dance came together and we got feedback from other students, we realised it amplified the dance, and the effect of the performance was enhanced because it was less staged. I really enjoyed creating movement in spaces outside of the usual dance room or theatre, it enabled many new ideas to be explored. Cleo Charlesworth

Check out the video below, which gives you a glimpse into the spectacular site-specific tour: 

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