Dancers Brilliant and Engaging to the End

The IGSSA Dance Festival is one of the highlights on the Performing Arts Calendar. Each year, our dancers work hard, perfecting dynamic pieces which are performed alongside dancers from seven other independent girls’ schools in Perth.

Our Junior Troupe performed a dance item called ‘The Pack’, it was strong and fierce and, just like a wolf pack, they were united and danced extremely well as an ensemble. Some highlights from the adjudicator’s feedback were, “Brilliant, engaging piece from beginning to end. I loved this piece and it was one of my favourites of the night.”

The Senior Troupe’s dance piece titled ‘Velvet Pants’, drew inspiration from the iconic choreography of Bob Fosse, Lichtenstein’s pop art and Butterick sewing patterns of the 1960s. The piece was sophisticated with a few modern influences seamlessly blended into the performance to create an original dance item. This piece also received some very positive feedback from the adjudicator, “Excellent ensemble. You delivered your piece with sophistication and style. Stand out work of the night”

Year 9 student Abbey Sullivan said of the experience:

Dance has long been a passion of mine and being able to experience and share it with my fellow students has been a wonderful experience. I have made friends across all Year groups during my time in IGSSA Dance. I have loved coming back to new people, new music and new choreography each year.

I have been a part of the Junior Dance Troupe for the past three years, and am excited to move into the Senior Troupe next year. This year, we performed pieces from our Senior and Junior Troupes in front of an audience two tiers high! Our routines, choreographed by Bernie Bernard during my years at Santa Maria, are, and always have been, a joy to perform and to watch, and on Friday night, standing on stage in my costume I knew that this performance would be no exception.

The Senior Troupe performed a striking number, their shoes echoing out amongst a speechless audience as they left the stage, attitude flowing through each hair flick. The Junior Troupe leapt ferociously on stage, and danced with power, drawing on each other’s energy. We danced as a group united, a pack inseparable, panting heavily by the end. I felt a buzz leaving the stage with the Junior dancers, one that only follows a high-energy, flawless performance. It was a thrilling sensation and one I’m eager to experience again in the years of dance I have ahead of me.

Thank you to our dance co-ordinators, Miss Fowles, and Mrs Wynn for leading and organising our troupes, Bernie for choreographing such memorable pieces and Miss Hux, for your continued investment in our dance program.

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