Day Girls Become Boarders for a Night

The girls in Year 7 were offered the chance to invite a day friend to spend some time in Boarding to experience the life of a boarder. There were 7 girls who took up this offer. With their boarder buddy they had afternoon tea, played handball, dressed in costume for dinner, went to study in the Plaza, then bunkered down for the night. The next morning it was dress, breakfast and pack for school.

The following were some of the comments from the girls and their parents about this event:‘My daughter absolutely loved her experience and insight into the life of a boarder, so much so she said that if there was an opportunity for at least a 2 week stay she would jump at it. In her words.  “it was awesome mum, met so many nice girls, we had heaps of fun. The food was super delicious and the staff were so nice”’

‘My daughter had a fantastic time at the boarding house. It was a great initiative by the SMC boarding community and she was very lucky to be a part of it.’

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