Demi Awarded the 2022 Ciara Glennon Memorial Law Scholarship

Demi Bradford (Class of 2016) completed her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, International Relations and Business Law at UWA in 2020. She is currently in her second year of the Juris Doctor at UWA. She was recently awarded the Ciara Glennon Memorial Law Scholarship.

This scholarship is awarded annually to a full-time student from UWA’s Law School who needs financial help to continue studying, makes a recognisable contribution to the community, demonstrates an active interest in an area outside the practice of law and shows a balanced approach to life and concern for others. (UWA)

Demi is a wonderful example of a young Mercy woman.

What does receiving this scholarship mean to you?

I am so honoured and humbled to be this year’s recipient of the Ciara Glennon Memorial Law Scholarship, which has changed the lives of so many law students. As I endeavour through the rest of the Juris Doctor, I will ensure that the spirit of Ciara is reflected in my professional and personal life. I’m sure Ciara’s legacy lives on in many ways, but for the law school, it lives on through this scholarship, possible through the support offered by the Glennon family, Ashurst and UWA. I really look forward to what the Juris Doctor still has to come and the opportunities this scholarship will open up for me. 

As every university student knows, it can be extremely challenging to balance university work, financially support yourself and enjoy your passions and hobbies. Receipt of this scholarship will alleviate that financial burden and enable me to fully embrace every opportunity offered to me in law and in my personal life whilst pushing myself to achieve excellence in my legal studies. Personally, it will give me the time and financial support to drive home to the farm to spend more time with my family than I typically can during a busy semester. It will allow me to continue with my passions outside of the law, including playing hockey, volunteering for Teach Learn Grow and my private tutoring.

Tell us a little about your passion for rural education and how you’ve been involved?

My mum is one of the most kind-hearted, generous people I know. She works with students with special needs and approaches her work with inspiring compassion and patience. It is through her that I developed my love of education. Whilst I work extremely hard for my education, I know many students have personal circumstances that can severely impact their studies. When I started university, I wanted to complete work inspired by my passion for impacting the lives of rural and remote students. In 2017, I undertook work as a private tutor for a student with dyslexia and dysgraphia and, in 2021, began volunteering with Teach Learn Grow.

What is Teach Learn Grow?

Teach Learn Grow (TLG) is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve the educational outcomes and aspirations of students in regional and remote communities. One of their main programs is the Rural Program which runs once every semester, sending 400 tutors to 30 schools to provide a week of free one-on-one tutoring for regional students.

What is your involvement in this organisation?

The impact TLG has on students’ lives in rural, regional and remote areas has made an incredible difference in these communities. I have sat on the Executive team for a year, currently as the Logistics Manager. I have also participated in two Rural Programs to Nullagine and Allanson.

"I am so honoured and humbled to be this year's recipient of the Ciara Glennon Memorial Law Scholarship."

L-R: Dennis Glennon, Leanne Bradford, Demi, Michael Bradford, The Hon Chief Justice Peter Quinlan

Was there a person or a program at Santa Maria that inspired you or helped you get to where you are now?

I owe a huge thank you to my Years 11/12 English teacher, Mr Court, and the English Department. Mr Court pushed me to explore complex ideas and always question the status quo, an invaluable skill throughout my Juris Doctor. He sparked my interest in various Australian and global social and political dialogues every day in English. This inspired my desire to impact the lives of others and make a significant change in the political and legal spheres. I would not be where I am today without Mr Court recognising my potential and encouraging me to strive for personal excellence.

What was one highlight of your time at Santa Maria?

I would definitely have to say the Canberra trip in Year 10. I was always a keen politics student, so it was amazing to put into practice what we learned in the classroom. The added bonus of the skiing trip was a significant highlight.

Do you have any future plans or goals once you’ve completed your degree?

My goal is to take up a law graduate role at an international commercial firm in their disputes team. I have a passion for advocacy and look forward to exploring really complex global issues upon completing my degree. Many firms have really comprehensive pro bono programs, and I look forward to being able to give back to non-profit organisations that assist people living in regional and remote communities, especially women and Indigenous Australians who face adversity.

Do you have any other interests outside your studies and volunteer work?

I have been playing hockey since primary school and hope to continue playing throughout my working life. I also love to travel – I have been to the US three times since leaving Santa Maria and intend to go back to visit family and friends once I finish at UWA.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Demi. We wish you all the best in completing your Juris Doctor.

Photos and video courtesy of University of Western Australia

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