Diane Burton: Sports Administration

1. What is your role in the College?

Sports Administration – I do computing and results for College carnivals, attendance for co-curricular sport, co-curricular reporting, equipment set up for co-curricular sport, drink bottle labelling and distribution (most important role) and the list goes on!

2. What was your career path to SMC?

Corporate Executive Assistant at Deloitte, Music Administration and Receptionist at PLC, and Sport Administration at Iona College.

3. What is your favourite thing about SMC? 

I have been at SMC for 10 years now. I love the community feel around the College that the staff and the students show day in and day out.

4. How did your love of sport develop? 

I grew up in Kalgoorlie so sport was a big part of our lives, as it is in most country towns. Our family is also very active with four children playing one or two sports each. As parents, we were also very involved in club and state programs.

5. Who is your favourite sportsperson and why? 

Ash Barty – she is an amazing example for women in sport. She has endured the spotlight of success and still goes through her paces with such humility and as a much-loved player on the tennis circuit.

6. How will you spend your time during this strange period in history?

 If the school is still operational, it will be business as usual for me. I’ll be preparing all administration requirements for the upcoming terms and finalising co-curricular reporting for this term.

If we are in complete lockdown and unable to work, I will be reading a few books and updating my dog’s Instagram account. Who knows he could be Instagram famous before we return!

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