Dolls of Love

Uthando Means Dolls of Love

Uthando Dolls is a service co-curricular activity offered to students in Years 5 and 6.  The girls are asked to commit their time for one term. In this co-curricular, the girls not only learn some basic sewing, but they also learn to embrace the spirit of generosity and compassion.

Students spend hours creating a beautiful doll that will be sent to another child in South Africa. They infuse love, creativity, and joy into the doll. At the end of the term when they say goodbye to their doll, the girls receive the beautiful gift of giving. It is a wonderful thing to know that the doll they have created and filled with love will fill another child with love and the joy of receiving.  

Some of the girls tell us about their dolls below.

My doll is called Amahle, which means the beautiful one. I think I did a good job. It was hard at first to sew. I loved to pick out the clothing and blanket because there was a big choice. Sewing on the hair was a little hard, but I got the hang of it. Uthando dolls is fun and the thought of it making another kid happy makes it seem more fun. I love doing Uthando dolls with Mrs Sharp and the other helpers.   

My doll’s name is Mbali which means a beautiful flower. I felt so excited when I started my doll. My favourite part was when we dressed our dolls and when we named our doll. My doll is very colourful, and it wears a little yellow and purple hat. My doll also wears a necklace. I also made a necklace for the child that gets the doll!

My doll is called Thabo and the meaning is Happiness. His date of birth is 4 May, and his place of birth is Attadale, Perth. It was kind of hard when we started making the dolls, but it started getting easier towards the end. It was really fun to sew all of the beads on and dress it up, which I found really great! I made my doll have vibrant orange and turquoise clothes because I wanted him to be bright and cheerful. I put beads in his hair, which wasn’t too hard, because I started to learn how to sew. I love my doll and making it because it was fun and exciting. I am so happy to give my doll to a child in South Africa because they don’t have many toys. I have put a lot of love into my doll, and I know this love will be passed on to its new owner.

Nathando is my Uthando doll, it means mother of love. Her favourite colour is pink. I enjoyed making her a lot. I chose her name because it reminds me of the word uthando. I love her and I hope her new owner does too.


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