Drama Students Curious About Stage Show

“Going into the show I had no idea what to expect but you could say I was quite ‘curious”’.

This week, we had the privilege of being able to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.  During our Year 12 Drama class, we’ve been working on our Original Scripted Monologues and I was hoping that in attending the show, I could find some creative ideas. I was not disappointed!  The show was spectacular visually and creatively. Curious Incident incorporated ensemble work, stillness, silence and technology seamlessly and amazingly into an engaging performance. As a Year 12 student, I was inspired, as these are many aspects of theatre we have been focusing on. To see how all these elements work, not only individually, but also in combination was very exciting. Ava Pike, Year 12

I had heard amazing reviews for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time from friends, so when we had the opportunity to go, I jumped at the chance. Seeing it blew my expectations sky high. It was nothing like any show I had ever seen before. The set was inventive and minimalistic, yet you were still able to picture a very realistic scene, and the use of lighting and projections was unbelievable, and completely made the show. As we are starting to learn about stage design in Drama, seeing this completely changed my ideas of what set design could be. The story was also incredibly interesting, heart-wrenching and easy to follow. Overall, it was a seriously spectacular show, and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of seeing it. Genevieve Reid, Year 11

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