Each for Equal: What Our Girls Want

As part of our International Women’s Day assembly, six members of our Student Leadership Council talked about what they want for themselves and all women.

I want to develop a healthy body image, without constantly comparing myself to other girls around me and what I see on social media.

I wish girls didn’t have this habit of comparing themselves, their body and their appearance to other girls of their age.

I will make an effort to appreciate both the worth of myself and all of the girls around me, by complimenting them on their individual talents and qualities.

Each for equal.

Kate Naunton-Morgan

I want to someday become a business owner. I wish all women had the opportunity and support to rise in corporate ranks and obtain high-paying jobs. I will mentor young women wanting to enter business one day.

Each for equal.

Jenna Clark

I want to not be treated as a commodity. I wish all girls felt beautiful within themselves and didn’t need to be validated by others. I will make the girls around me feel valued for who they are.

Each for equal.

Maya Faulds

I want to be able to catch the bus home from work at night. I wish all women could go out alone in the evening and not have to fear for their safety.

I will assist non-profit agencies in providing women around the world with practical strategies to ensure they’re safe when out alone at night.

Each for equal.

Olivia von Bertoch

I want to have mine, as well as all other girls’ achievements recognised in sports. I wish female athletes and their sporting achievements were as highly recognised, encouraged and publicised in the media as men’s sports.

I will continue to promote and encourage young girls to play sports; giving them positive reinforcement, so they are not only able to develop friendships, but also important life skills such as teamwork, leadership and confidence.

Each for equal.

Georgia Portlock

I want to be judged based on my character, rather than the way I dress. I wish women were not blamed for the way the world chooses to objectify us. I will not tolerate the shaming of women for their body or what they choose to wear.

Each for equal.

Charlotte Scurry

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