Early Career Alumni Award for Samantha

Samantha Dodras is relatively new to Santa Maria College. She commenced in Term 1 as a Mathematics teacher. Previously she was at Churchlands Senior High School for three years. 

While at Churchlands Samantha studied a Masters in International Education with Melbourne University. For her efforts in that endeavour, her work with the Mathematical Association of Western Australia and other cocurricular projects, she has been awarded a Melbourne Graduate School of Education Early Career Alumni Award. 

Samantha should also be commended for her work in mentoring and training educators in disadvantaged communities, to assist them in engaging in strategies to teach Maths. This has greatly benefitted these communities.

At Santa Maria, Samantha’s current project is designing a futuristic space station with a team of 30 passionate students from Years 5 to 12.

As a certified MathsCrafts educator, a joint project run with the University of Melbourne, Samantha is dedicated to continuing her contribution to the future of education in STEM. (https://education.unimelb.edu.au/community/alumni/mgse-alumni-award)

We congratulate you on your award Samantha!

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