Easier to Find Your Favourite Books

The Santa Maria Library has been busy! This term, the library has reorganised our Young Adult and All Ages collection into genres. Now fans of the Fantasy genre will find all of their favourite books in one place! As with Realistic, Adventure, Futuristic, Animals, Historical, Humour, Horror and Mystery. – fans of these genres will find these books grouped together on the Library shelves. 

Students have already commented on how easy it is to find books they like. 

Here’s what some of our Year 6 students think of the new arrangement of books.

Elizabeth Young said, “I love having the books placed into genres because it is easy to find the book I want to read. I really like how the library is nice and organised and that all the sections are clear, and you know where to find a book that you would like to read”.

Aleisha Pynes said, “I like the books sorted into genres because now I can see all the books I like altogether”.

Gabriella Ranallo said, “I think that when the books have been placed into genres, people will find what they are looking for, even when they aren’t actually looking for a book. What I mean by this, is that when they need a book for holiday reading, they think, ‘hmmm…I like fantasy stuff, maybe I’ll find a book that I like in the fantasy section’.” 

The great thing about placing the collection into genres is it makes it so much easier to find books in the same genre. If students have read a good book and want to find one that’s similar, they simply go to the shelves and easily find another book from that genre. Student feedback has been incredibly positive, and our holiday reading has been flying off the shelves! 

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