The Techno Lounge: A Hub for Student Learning

The College’s Techno Lounge is a hub where students and staff can go for advice and learning. This week, the space has been busy with recess and lunch ‘Byte’ sessions and classes visiting to extend their learning.

One of the lunchtime ‘Byte’ sessions was for Years 5 and 6 students which focused on a specific drawing website called, the students had a great time experimenting with the drawing app. The Year 5s, in particular, were very eager to learn new things they could do with their new MacBooks. The Techno Lounge was completely full, with not a single empty chair in the room.During a Year 11 Applied Information Technology class in the Techno Lounge, the girls learnt about the importance of graphics within design, through the use of Infographics. These students are about to start their first design task for the year. During this session, they learnt how important it is to communicate information through the use of graphics. It takes the human brain only a few seconds to effectively process this information using graphics, rather than the time it takes to process when you are required to read information.

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