Eco Sisters Working On A Sustainable College

Here at Santa Maria College, the Eco Sisters are working on ways the school can be more sustainable, whilst following new rules. 

This week, Eco Justice Captain, Ava Murphy, sent the following reminder to students.

“I really encourage you to make the most of the new yellow bins. This may mean holding onto any scrap paper from class and taking it with you to one of the recycling bins to dispose of it correctly, instead of the general waste bins found in classrooms. Paper recycling helps to preserve trees, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy.

“The Greenbatch purple plastic bottle recycling bins are also still available for use in areas around the school. Please avoid putting food scraps and other plastic into these bins. So ensure you are using them correctly so we can continue to recycle and make a difference.

“Eco Sisters will be working on more ways to make the College more sustainable, so if you are interested, follow the Instagram @smcecosisters to keep up to date with sustainability at Santa Maria and other environmental news from around the world!

“Thanks so much and happy recycling!”


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