Eco Sisters’s Passion for Recycling

The Eco Sisters are a group of students and teachers who are passionate about recycling and sustainability.

This term, they have been working tirelessly to remind other students of the school’s plastic bottle recycling program. They’ve stuck up posters around the school and delivered an insightful presentation to students.

Currently, WA has limited plastic recycling facilities. But fortunately, Santa Maria is partnered with Greenbatch, who are in the process of building their own recycling processing plant.

The bottles given to Greenbatch go towards creating 3D printer filament, which can otherwise be expensive to purchase. Greenbatch can only accept certain types of plastic bottles and this was the focus of the Eco Sisters’ presentation last week.

The College is also introducing additional recycling bins to align with the Melville Council’s introduction of the FOGO three-bin system to help educate students on the importance of waste reduction and recycling. The Eco Sisters are preparing some promotional material to assist with this project.

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