Election of 2020 Leaders

L to R: Jasmine Chow, Head Girl, Tolu Sorunmu, Mackenzie Goss, Deputy Head Boarder, Harriet Comerford-Smith, Head Boarder

The time of year has come around when we are again selecting student leaders. The process is quite involved and reflects the significance of ensuring the best applicant is selected.

Both the Head Boarder and Deputy Head Boarder are members of the Student Leadership Executive, which also includes the Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl. The team of four meet with Mrs Oaten regularly. Their input into decision making can be substantial and the girls chosen are important role models for all other boarders. The boarding leadership team carry quite an amount of responsibility. They rarely get time off from the position they hold, being visible both during school hours and again when they come home to the Boarding House.

The girls who apply have to do so for the right reasons. They must be seeking to:

  • Promote and represent boarding within the school and community
  • Support boarding staff
  • Build positivity and community among the boarders
  • Welcome new members to the community
  • Be approachable and inclusive of all boarders

I congratulate all of the girls who applied for leadership roles. Their interviews and speeches were very impressive. The girls were able to convey their love of our boarding community, their excitement for the year ahead and their understanding for boarders starting new, experiencing homesickness or just simply having a bad day.

This week Harriet Comerford-Smith was announced as Head Boarder for 2019/20 and Mackenzie Goss as Deputy Head Boarder. I congratulate both girls on their election and look forward to working with them.

The group of Year 12 leaders who have worked with me since Term 4 last year have set a high standard. Monday afternoon meetings with this team are one of my weekly highlights. These girls are passionate about Santa Maria boarding and have suggested many brilliant initiatives. They have worked together well, discussing ideas and sharing the effort.

Each graduating group of leaders tends to leave a legacy; something that they are remembered for by the younger years. Our 2019 leaders have promoted the following within our boarding houses:

  • Support and understanding of the daily routine and the boarding guidelines. They have been awesome in encouraging the girls to work with staff in creating a harmonious community.
  • Service to others. In the year of Hospitality our Year 12 Leaders have given much consideration to the needs of others. They have supported new and younger boarders and raised funds for cancer organisations. They have also highlighted their support for the youth mental health.

Congratulations to Amy Treasure, Maddie Anspach and all of the current Year 12 leaders for their work throughout 2019. These girls should be very proud of the time they have given.

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