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Connecting Through Creativity: Inside the LEGO Masters Competition

Students from Years 5 to 8 had the opportunity to take part in the highly anticipated return of the Lego Masters Competition recently. The competition was structured such that each year group was assigned a specific theme, and students were tasked with creating a Lego build during their designated recess and lunch periods. The group that demonstrated exceptional craftsmanship and innovation would earn the privilege of advancing to the finals. 

The Lego Masters initiative, originally created in 2019 by Amanda Allen, Head of Enrichment from Years 9 – 12, garnered significant enthusiasm and enjoyment among the student body. The Lego buzz set off a cascade of excitement and chatter among the girls. It wasn’t just about constructing colourful structures; it transformed winter days into a canvas for imagination. 

Picture this: a room filled with giggles, animated discussions, and the sound of Lego bricks clicking together. The girls found joy in this indoor haven, where Lego became more than just a pastime – it became a vessel for collaboration and team spirit.

The mission was clear: immerse the girls in an activity they adored, fostering a shared passion for designing and building. As they pieced together their creations, a palpable sense of achievement radiated through the room, each final product a testament to their collective efforts.

As the enthusiasm soared, so did the desire for a grander challenge. The idea of a Lego Masters Competition intrigued their imaginations – an epic showdown to determine the ultimate Lego Master. However, fate had other plans and enter the unforeseen guest of 2020: COVID-19. Like an unexpected plot twist, the pandemic disrupted the Lego Masters Competition. Despite the challenges, whispers of hosting a virtual showdown echoed; however, the intricacies proved too difficult to conquer.

As the school environment returned to its usual rhythm post-pandemic, the contest seamlessly reintegrated itself into the school scene this year. The contest wasn’t just about plastic bricks; it was about bringing girls together, fostering camaraderie, and injecting a dose of friendly competition into the mix.


On Monday, Year 8 students captivated us all with their impeccable execution of a hauntingly delightful Haunted House.


Tuesday was an enchanting day when our Year 7 students transported us to a hidden world of wonder with their mesmerising Secret Garden theme!


The Year 6 students engaged in a delightful and imaginative endeavour as they skilfully crafted their Fairy Tale Homes. 


On Thursday, Year 5 students delved into the depths of their creativity with an enchanting ‘Under the Sea’ theme. 

The girls were allocated Tuesday recess, lunch, and Wednesday recess to focus on their projects. The theme, “Christmas is Coming!” was unveiled to them on the actual day, giving them the morning to ponder how they would approach the task at hand.  

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Year 8 students, Emily and Bridget for clinching the title of 2023 Lego Master with their impressive Santa’s Workshop Build.  Well done to all students for participating in this engaging challenge! Stay tuned for the next chapter in the colourful world of Lego adventures! 

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