Embracing Tradition: Praying the Rosary

As the Director of Mission, it brings me great joy to witness the vibrant faith life that flourishes within our community. One of the cherished traditions that we hold dear is our weekly gathering in the chapel to recite the Rosary.

Each week, a different year group has the privilege of praying the Rosary, led by our dedicated Student Ministry team members. What makes our Rosary unique is our intentional approach to making it a teaching moment for all who participate.

‘Leading the Rosary as a member of the Ministry Team is a privilege as I am able to guide my peers in prayer. Praying the Rosary is important for meditation, reflection, and spiritual connection with Mary. It is important because it allows us to pause, reflect, and draw closer to God’s grace through the intercession of Mary. When led by students, the Rosary becomes more meaningful because the students attending are more likely to connect with their peers. Personally, the Rosary is a source of comfort, strength, and guidance, strengthening my relationship with God and Mary’. Claudia, Year 9

As the Rosary unfolds, student leaders pause to explain the significance of each prayer. This ‘teaching Rosary’ not only deepens our understanding of the prayers that compose the Rosary but also strengthens our connection to its rich tradition. It is a beautiful opportunity for both spiritual growth and communal reflection.

‘Leading the Rosary as a member of the ministry team means a lot to me. I get to develop my faith and lead others in the faith space. I appreciate the opportunity it provides me to build my leadership skills’. Alyssa, Year 9

At the conclusion of the Rosary, students are invited to approach the altar, where they can offer a rose to Mary or light a candle in remembrance of a loved one who has died. It is wonderful to see the reverence with which students approach the altar and offer their thanksgiving to Mary.

For our community, the Rosary isn’t just a routine prayer; it’s a sacred tradition that brings us together in faith and love. It is a reminder, especially during the Month of May, of the grace that surrounds us and the blessings we receive through our devotion to Mary, the mother of God and patron of our College. As our leaders say at the conclusion of every Rosary: “We hope that you have found this prayer meaningful and that in time of great need, you will always remember that you have the mother of Jesus to pray for you”. 

Jillian Landers, Director of Mission

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