emPOWER: A Groundbreaking Program for Empowering Girls to Create Social Change

At Santa Maria College, we are dedicated to empowering our girls to create social change. Our innovative emPOWER program is designed to teach life skills and develop essential attributes for solving individual, local, and global problems.

The emPOWER program sets us apart as a leader in progressive education. Students from Years 5 to 10 participate in a unique project each year, with each focusing on issues that impact people and our planet. These projects challenge and empower our students to take action while developing attributes such as collaboration, initiative, problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, compassion, resilience, and stewardship.

Our challenges are carefully designed to ignite new ideas and push the limits of what students believe possible. Each year group tackles a different complex issue, including:

  • Fearless5: Making our school more environmentally friendly.
  • Spark6: Utilising technology to improve the world.
  • Seek7: Using water more sustainably.
  • Explore8: Innovating to help people and the planet within our community.
  • Strive9: Collaborating to support marginalised groups in our city.
  • Future10: Making positive financial decisions for ourselves and our planet.

These projects extend our girls’ learning beyond the classroom curriculum, allowing them to explore their world in an authentic way. Many students discover a lifelong interest or passion through these programs, becoming positive changemakers for the future.

By focusing on the development of these essential attributes, Santa Maria College ensures that our students are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in their future lives and careers. Our commitment to connecting learning to life and leading the way in progressive education empowers our girls to become confident, compassionate, and capable young women who can make a positive difference in the world.

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