English Tips and Tricks

It has become a tradition in the English Department to invite top performing English students back to share their experience, and WACE tips and tricks. This week, Class of 2020 graduates returned to talk to current ATAR English and Literature students.

Charlotte Scurry and Tehya Conroy spoke to our Literature students about their experiences of the course. Some advice they gave was:

  • Practise close reading regularly.
  • Read a range of academic articles that present different viewpoints on their study texts.
  • Use the syllabus points to compose questions and frame study notes.

Giorgia Paltridge and Sophia Fiorentino both achieved Certificates of Excellence based on their performance in the ATAR English exam. Some of their tips to students were:

  • Look to improve your critical vocabulary through reading widely
  • Peer review – ask for constructive feedback from your classmates
  • Seek advice from your teachers and go through past assessments with them

The key message communicated to both groups was that persistence is key. Improvement in English is a process that takes time. Belief in yourself and being prepared to work hard often lead to growth.

Head of the English Learning Area, Rebecca Johnson says, “Inviting past students to speak of their experiences in ATAR courses is an invaluable way to begin the school year. Current students have the opportunity to gain tremendous insight into the challenges and triumphs of Year 12, while also receiving important advice as to how to best tackle their subject.”


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