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Euphoria: Celebrating the 2023 Year 12 Visual Arts Graduation Exhibition

Euphoria: a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.

This certainly described the atmosphere at Thursday Night’s Year 12 Visual Arts Graduation Exhibition.

The Exhibition was a momentous occasion that marked the culmination of years of dedication and creativity by the Year 12 Visual Arts and Design students. The event was opened by our 2023 Visual Arts Captain, Amy, who addressed a captivated audience of family, friends, and fellow peers.

In her heartfelt speech, Amy expressed her disbelief at the journey they had all embarked upon and the fact that they had indeed reached this momentous milestone. She extended her congratulations to the Visual Art and Design students, emphasising that this exhibition was a testament to their unwavering dedication, creativity, and commitment. Acknowledging the intense focus and determination displayed by everyone in the weeks leading up to the event, Amy encouraged each student to take a moment to reflect and appreciate their remarkable accomplishments.

Lesley Nation, Head of Visual Arts and teacher of the Year 12 Visual Art and Design General classes, expressed her admiration for the six exceptional young women who had made a lasting impression on her. She commended their warm welcome and the joy she had experienced in getting to know them. Lesley’s pride in their achievements was obvious as she addressed each student individually.

Visual Arts teacher Arianne Flora introduced her ATAR Visual Arts class with enthusiasm, describing them as an intelligent and innovative group of Year 12s. She marvelled at their journey from their early days at Santa Maria to the refined and sophisticated work they presented at the exhibition. Arianne underscored the importance of hard work, creativity, and the ability to create artwork with a “wow factor.” 

The exceptional artistic talents of these students were evident in their unique works of art. 

Principal Jennifer Oaten also introduced the inaugural Principal’s Acquisition Award, this year going to Freya Townsend. More details will be shared in a story next week.

The evening concluded with the 2024 incoming Visual Arts Captain, Olivia Miller, expressing her deep appreciation for the arts and the supportive community at the College. Olivia bid farewell to the Year 12 Art and Design students, thanking them for their inspiration and leadership. She acknowledged the outgoing Visual Arts Captain for her significant impact on the College and her legacy of fostering a welcoming and positive environment within the department.

Congratulations to the College Art Department and the Class of 2023 Art and Design girls on a wonderful night!

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