Evangelisation is the essential Catholic mission of everyone.

Earlier in the week, our teaching staff were lead on a reflection that examined not only what Jesus said about evangelisation but also explored Pope Francis’ teaching on this topic. Jesus calls all believers to be his witnesses to the Good News. Pope Francis urges Catholics not to use grand words or complicated concepts, but rather to attract others by a witness that ‘humbly draws those who feel distant from God and the Church’ (Evangelii Gaudium).

Jennifer Oaten highlighted evangelisation at Santa Maria College in a Catholic Mercy context and reminded staff of the importance of giving authentic Catholic Christian witness to all they encounter. She stressed that Catholics propose the joy of the Gospel and rather than impose, never shy away from the truth. Staff were given the opportunity to work through the plan and reflect on when and where they witnessed evangelisation action and their contributions.

The afternoon concluded with a beautiful ritual where staff were asked to make a commitment to evangelisation in the College and concluded with an anointing ceremony where staff were sent out to spread the Good News.

Thank you to Jilly Landers, Head of Mission,  Clare O’Connor, Head of Religious Education and Michelle Carrick, Head of Professional Learning, for preparing and presenting this session.

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