Evolving Study Skills With Elevate Education

Elevate Education run programs that equip students with skills to assist them in study, revision, and assessment preparation. Our Year 10 students were fortunate to take part in one of these programs. The program included a presentation from guest speakers and follow-up sessions to implement what they learned.

Elevate sessions are held in Years 8, 9 and 10, each year building on previous sessions and skills learnt. Each year also has a different focus. The key focus this year for the Year 10s was time management. Our students are very busy, often with many commitments in a range of areas, including school, life, and co-curricular and external extracurricular activities.

Students considered all the activities they are involved in during the week and created a study planner to allocate time to complete their homework and extra study, attend their extracurricular activities, and factor in time for breaks and relaxation.

The students were also educated about the benefits collaboration provides in the form of study groups, reasons for procrastination and how to beat it.

Time management, in the form of a weekly planner, is a beneficial tool as it reduces stress and guilt in students. By having time assigned for homework and study and time allocated to relax, students know exactly what they should be doing and when they should be doing it, eliminating the need to think about one when completing the other.

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