Exercising for Better Health

Our boarders are so active. Keeping fit through using the College fitness centre or playing team sports, ensures the girls can give their best to their studies, sleep well and generally keep well mentally and physically.


At our community meeting on Monday night, Lee Abbott from Fremantle-Cockburn Hockey Club spoke to the boarders about playing hockey. She brought along the brand new uniform for the girls to try on – it looked very snazzy! The girls recorded their sizes with Lee, so if they choose to join the Fremantle-Cockburn Hockey Club, Lee will have their sizes on file.

Training will commence the Tuesday after the mid-term break, so a reminder to pack all your daughter’s hockey gear. If your daughter has not tried hockey before and would like to come to training to see if she would like it, she will be able to borrow a stick and shin pads, however, you will need to purchase a mouthguard. These can be found at most pharmacies.

Years 7/8 hockey is played on Saturday mornings, Years 9/10 is played on Sunday mornings, and Years 11/12 is played on Friday nights. If you would like to register, you can visit their webpage.

All abilities and Year groups are welcome!

Netball News.

Kirsten and Amelia have been working hard to organise girls into birth years for grading. Grading started Tuesday 18 February and concludes on Friday 21 February. Once grading has been finalised, your daughter will be placed in a team. Kirsten and Amelia will then send you a registration link for you to enrol your daughter. Once you have completed this, a statement for fees and uniforms (if required) will be emailed to you. This can be paid by credit card or direct debit to the school.

There was lots of excitement with netball and excellent numbers of girls showing interest across all years. If you have any questions, please email Amelia and Kirsten [email protected] they would love to help you.

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