Our beautiful college, located in Attadale Western Australia, has educated generations after generation of capable, responsible and productive women.

Santa Maria College embraces difference and nurtures the individual. We live by our faith and our values, and we lead by example. Tolerance, kindness, empathy and the pursuit of excellence define Santa Maria girls and woman.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community to experience the energy, to see the school in action and to ask questions about what matters most to you.  We hope you join us.



Santa Maria College is a Years 5 – 12 Catholic school for girls, both day and residential, offering a quality education inspired by Jesus Christ and the vision of Catherine McAuley, with a commitment to living out the Mercy values of:

Hospitality: We respect the dignity of all, creating a welcoming community where everyone belongs

Compassion: We act with empathy to care for others, with open hearts and minds.

Justice: We promote respectful relationships, equity for all and care of our planet.

Service: We respond to those in need to improve the community.

Excellence: We persevere with courage to achieve our personal best.


The College’s Mercy heritage and history goes back to the arrival of seven Sisters of Mercy in Perth in 1846. They were led by Mother Ursula Frayne and proved themselves to be resourceful, resilient and strong women.

The Sisters opened their first school on St George’s Terrace in February 1846. As enrolments increased, school buildings, including a boarding school, were built in the grounds of the present Mercedes College.

As the demand for boarding places increased from country families, the Mercy Superior at the time, Mother Brigid McDonald, and her Council resolved to build a new ladies’ college for boarding and day students in the bushland in Attadale. Santa Maria College opened its doors in 1938.

The post-war period brought with it a rapid expansion in residential development around the College. As a result, there was a growth in student numbers and the student population at Santa Maria College changed from primarily boarders to a majority of day students.

Today Santa Maria College is a vibrant community of over 1200 students from Years 5 to 12. We enjoy beautiful, modern facilities and lead in the areas of technology and innovative education. However, we retain the vision of those early Sisters of Mercy and strive to provide a nurturing environment for a holistic, values-laden, education.

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