Explore8 Starts

with someone, seeing others as equal to yourself and removing yourself from the picture. Empathy allows real connection and, when conducting their interviews, they will need to establish a connection in order to have good conversations and identify problems that are happening in the lives of others.

During PCT in Weeks 3 – 5 we will assist students in developing good interview skills and show them how to develop empathy with their interviewee so that the interview is successful. They will also be given time in their groups to bring back their findings and share their knowledge. It is important everyone contributes to this process and your assistance in encouraging and supporting your daughters will be appreciated.

During the two weeks of Explore8, students are removed from the normal timetable and do not attend classes. The girls wear their PE uniform and following the first two days of skills sessions, working in teams to ideate their problem, they will work on their own individual projects for two weeks.

I ask you to start talking to your girls about the project. Here are some questions you can ask them:

  • What was discussed in PCT and what will you be doing during Explore8?
  • What do you think innovation is? Share your insights on this topic with them – do some research together about innovative ideas and people.
  • Share with them problems you see that exist in your work, home and sporting lives.

Marsha Pengilly | Dean of Students, Year 8

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