Exploring Diversity & Inclusion: A Recap of Santa Maria College’s Staff Professional Learning Day

Diversity and inclusion was the focus during our recent Staff Professional Learning Day. One of the sessions was led by members of our College’s dedicated committee.

The vision of our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy is clear: We are committed to nurturing an inclusive environment that celebrates individuality and fosters a deep sense of belonging for all who belong to our community. This commitment is not just a statement; it is ingrained in our Strategic Plan, driving us to create a culture of collaboration that values and respects every member of our staff, student and parent body.

The session’s aim was twofold: first, to deepen our staff’s understanding of diversity and inclusion, and second, to develop actionable strategies that can be implemented within teams to foster inclusive environments.

The presenters shared insights into our four key pillars:

  1. Understanding Differences
  2. Improving Diversity
  3. Promoting Inclusion
  4. Celebrating Uniqueness

During the session, we took time to appreciate the diverse backgrounds and experiences within our community and the actions we as a community can take, particularly with learning about differences whether they be cultural, religious, physical, neurodiverse or gender differences.

Within our respective departments, we reviewed of our current efforts towards diversity and inclusion, identifying areas for growth and improvement. Together, we set both short and long-term goals, laying down a roadmap that we will revisit and refine as we progress through the year. To ensure accountability and continued focus, each team appointed a diversity representative tasked with championing inclusivity within their team.

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the year.

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