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Fantastic Mr Fox Brought to Life

Roald Dahl’s classic, Fantastic Mr Fox was brought to life last weekend by the Year 7-9 students. The girls’ commitment to generating an entertaining and engaging show was outstanding. Creating a theatrical production gives the students an opportunity to build confidence, create characters, learn the ins and outs of the theatre and rehearsal process and also make lasting friendships in different year groups. The cast found the whole process very rewarding and we had superb reviews from our diverse audiences. The Year 5 and 6 students sat in on our Preview Performance and had this to say.

“My favourite character was Boggis because she was very fat and funny. She was like a comedian and very good at dancing and remembering her lines and her expression was very good. When she didn’t talk I could tell how she was feeling. I also liked the set of the food rooms and the cellar of cider and chicken coop. I loved the music as it suited the play and how the background was animated, I thought that was better than a plain old still background. Overall I give the show a 5 out of 5 because it was very well performed and great acting.” Laylah Baldwin, Year 5 “Today the Year 5 and 6 classes went to the preview of the Santa Maria Middle Years production of Fantastic Mr Fox. The show was amazing; the lights, costumes and actors were incredible and the show was well-rehearsed. I think it is a great show to take your family and friends to see. My favourite part was the comedy between the farmers when they were digging up the tree. Well Done!” Niamh Jones, Year 5 Our cast and crew reflect on the event:

“We are both so amazed at how fantastic the show turned out. Although we didn’t work closely with the cast, we loved being a part of the whole experience and working with everyone all together. A lot of time and hard work went into the show, and the outcome was more amazing then we could have ever thought of. We are so extremely proud of everyone involved and are so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about sound in performance.” Ava Murphy and Lana Salvucci, Year 11, Sound Operators “I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the younger students, they are all like sisters to me now. I also loved getting to know the Year 11 girls who were the stage managers and techies. I loved gaining acting experience in the show and having fun in rehearsals.” Zara McFarland and Olivia Taliangis, Year 9, Cast

“It was a really fun experience! I hope to do the Senior Years one next year.” Emily Berson, Year 9, Cast “I like how the cast is a big family. The play is full of energy and funny lines.” Brooke Murphy, Year 9, Cast

“We are so extremely proud of the hard work put in by all the cast members, the crew and the behind-the-scenes people. The show has come together so well and we have created a community amongst the whole ensemble. We couldn’t be more proud of everyone.” Ella Jones, Year 11, Stage Manager

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