Farewell to the Class of 2022

We honoured the graduating Class of 2022 at our Graduation Mass and Ceremony last night, and tonight we cap off our celebrations with a beautiful cocktail party with our graduates and parents.

The Year 12s have worked exceptionally hard this year and have shown great courage, demonstrated excellent leadership and graduated as fine Mercy women. The Sisters of Mercy were definitely looking down on them with pride, knowing that they played a part in shaping each of their lives.

We commenced our graduation events with Mass and were delighted to have Father Sean Fernandez celebrate Mass for us. Many of the Year 12 girls were involved as readers or members of the choir. We are so fortunate to have talented musicians who made our Mass so special.

Following a short break, we returned to the McDonald Building to acknowledge the achievements of our Year 12 students with the Graduation Ceremony.

I would like to acknowledge the work of our dedicated teachers. Teachers who are passionate about education strive to give the best learning experiences. Pride and joy were the emotions of many teachers, particularly the Homeroom teachers, as they watched the Year 12s complete their high school education. 

Thank you to Mrs Schubert, Mrs Kinsella, and the Deans who worked tirelessly to support the Year 12s during their high school years. They have shown exceptional dedication and cares for each of the girls. Her ability to organise and encourage with her quiet words of wisdom needs acknowledgement.

ATAR Dux: Niamh Smithies
ATAR Runner-Up: Abbey Winship
ACCESS Dux: Renee Tromp
ACCESS Runner-Up: Lucy Griffiths
Principals Award: Abby Young
Mercy Award: Alicia Tory
Mercy Award: Alice Handcock
Dance & Drama Award: Olivia Taliangis
Hearne Music Award: Lucy Dal Molin
Sports Champion: Bronwyn Goss
Boarder Award: Eliza Treasure

Daniélla Andreone
Zoe Bolden
Ashlee Chafer
Kaylee Fong
Lilianna Galipo
Lucy Griffiths
Alexandra Hackett
Sigrid Hall
Sienna Hart
Kayla Monaco
Niamh Smithies
Abbey Sullivan
Renee Tromp
Eleanor Wardle
Niyumi Wijesinghe
Abbey Winship
Lauren Winship

Zoe Bolden: English (A), Applied Information Technology (A) and Politics & Law (A)
Ashlee Button: Religion & Life (G)
Romilly Bradford: English (G)
Ashlee Chafer: Economics (A)
Claudia Cirocco: Children, Family and the Community (A)
Ella Connell: Accounting and Finance (A)
Lucy Dal Molin: Design (G)
Felicity Dixon: Business Management and Enterprise (G)
Zoe Donovan: Mathematics Methods (A) & Mathematics Specialist (A)
Bella Edmiston: Mathematics Essentials (G)
Sophie Fowler: Human Biology (A)
Alexandra Hackett: Mathematics Specialist (A)
Sigrid Hall: Geography (A)
Alice Handcock: Visual Arts (A)
Sophie Hilder: English (A)
Monet Hinscliff: Dance (A)
Kate Howard: Biology (A)
Ava Letter: Mathematics Applications (A)
Alli Nokes: Outdoor Education (G)
Charlotte Parsons: Visual Arts (G)
Jessica Pereira: Business Management and Enterprise (A)
Jorja Reeve: Children; Family and the Community (G)
Niamh Smithies: Chemistry (A) & French Second Language (A)
Abbey Sullivan: Literature (A) & Modern History (A)
Olivia Taliangis: Drama (A)
Alicia Tory: Physical Education Studies (A)
Renee Tromp: Career and Enterprise (G), Human Biology (G) and Religion & Life (G)
Abbey Winship – Physics (A)
Lauren Winship: Religion and Life (A)

Byrne House Award: Felicity Rintoul
Corbett House Award: Saoirse Carter
de la Hoyde House Award: Terezina Pearson
Dillon House Award: Grace Byrne
Frayne House Award: Tennille O’Connor
Kelly House Award: Bronwyn Goss
O’Donnell House Award: Amelia Ryan
O’Reilly House Award: Lauren De Smet

Graduation is a time of bittersweet emotions. It is wonderful to see all the hard work they have put in over the years come to fruition, but it’s also sad to say goodbye. 

In my address to the graduates, I shared five pieces of advice:

  1. Find those who value you,
  2. Be your true self,
  3. Be brave,
  4. Value relationships, and
  5. Never give up.

I am confident that each of our girls will make a difference in our world and find their true calling. There are so many possibilities, and I am immensely proud of each and every one of them. 

They have strong spirits, fierce minds, and kind hearts, and the world is waiting for them!

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