Farewell to Year 12 Boarders

Several traditional events were held last Sunday to acknowledge the contributions of our current Year 12 group. It was a fitting celebration of their time in Boarding.  Many memories were shared, and the girls enjoyed the significance of the occasion.

The day started with a breakfast prepared by the Year 11s and the catering team. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory inspired a breakfast filled with sugary treats served by Oompa Loompas (the Year 11 boarders).  A lovely sunny morning created the perfect setting alongside the chocolate river.

Farewell Mass later in the day was a significant occasion.  The whole Boarding School shared in a service led by Monsignor Keating with prayers read by younger sisters. Speeches and thank yous followed the Mass. This formal section of the day included a beautiful song by the Year 11 boarding choir and very special video of photographic memories created by Head Boarder, Kirsten Jenzen.

Following Mass, the Year 12 girls and Boarding Supervisors shared a meal together at a Little Italian Restaurant in Como. After three hours of pizza, pasta and apple pie, we rolled out of the restaurant and headed for the Boarding House.  The Year 12 girls had a super day but were certainly ready for bed.

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