Farewell To Our Longest Serving Staff Member – Vince Auriemma

Vince Auriemma came to Australia by boat as a 25-year-old from Naples in 1963 and commenced work at Santa Maria College in 1972, with Sister Consilii at the helm as Principal. There were 33 sisters and 10 non-religious teachers and Vince was the sole maintenance person at the College. In 1972 Vince’s key roles included emptying and painting the pool each year and oiling and polishing the floors in McDonald Hall every day.

Vince has been our “rose man” since the rose gardens were started in the mid-1980s. Sister Consilii chose roses and Vince did the work, planting, pruning and caring for them. To this day he is highly protective of the roses, especially his favourite, the Velvety Red.

Vince’s daughters and granddaughters have all been students at Santa Maria and have treasured having their father and grandfather as such an icon of the College. He was set to retire in 2018, but his granddaughter was so upset he wouldn’t be here when she started at the College that he asked if he could stay another term!

Vince has demonstrated our Mercy value of service throughout his time at the College, service to the Sisters of Mercy who first gave him a job, followed by incredible service of over 47 years to our community. Our pristine grounds and glorious rose gardens are the result of his hard work over many years.

Thank you and farewell Vince, we wish you well in your retirement.

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