Fearless5 – Unleashing Potential Through Innovation

Students at Santa Maria exploring Point Walter during the Fearless5 wildlife excursion.

At Santa Maria College, our commitment to innovative education is showcased brilliantly through our Fearless5 initiative. This unique program challenges Year 5 students to answer the pressing question: “How might we provide a safe and sustainable environment to protect flora and fauna?” Through this inquiry, our students embark on a journey of discovery and action, embodying our College’s ethos of empowerment, innovation, and community.

Empowering Young Minds

Fearless5 is not just a project; it is a movement towards empowerment. Through hands-on excursions like flora and fauna spotting at Point Walter to Wildlife Explorers at Herdsman Lake and creative incursions such as “What a Bunch” art classes, our students explore the richness of our natural world. This program encourages them to become stewards of the environment, fostering a deep sense of responsibility and the confidence to make a difference.

Innovative Education in Action

Innovation is at the heart of Fearless5. This year, students engaged in critical discussions on whether humans should be friends or foes to flora and fauna, inspired by the powerful narratives of Sir David Attenborough and environmental art. By exploring these complex issues, students enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, essential tools for the leaders of tomorrow.

Creating a Community of Earth Heroes

The culmination of Fearless5 was the ‘Friends of Flora and Fauna Exhibition,’ where students showcased their collaborative projects to their parents. Projects ranged from creating basil sprays to deter green ants and protect koalas to advocating for backyard ponds over pools to save the endangered Corroboree frog. This event not only celebrated student learning but also strengthened our community’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Student Reflections and Teacher Insights

Eve, Arabella, Emme and Angelica (5.2): Project – Save the Koalas.We looked at the effect green ants have on koalas. Our solution was to come up with an idea to create a basil spray, as the green ants don’t like the smell of basil.”

Phoebe, Violet and Olivia (5.3): Project Pollution Problems. “After our excursion to Point Walter and seeing the plastics around the place, we looked at the impact that pollution is having on our environment.”

Milla, Ella and Joanne (5.4): Project – How might we prevent pollution in the ocean from killing humpback whales? “We used a head, heart, and hands model to take action to stop pollution.”

Primrose and Mackenzie (5.5): Project – How might we help the critically endangered Corroboree frog? “We came up with the slogan ‘Ponds Not Pools’. People could have ponds in our backyards rather than pools to encourage frogs, fish, birds and reptiles like lizards.”

Feedback from participants like these girls, highlighted the practical impact of their learning. According to Lindsey Fitzgerald, Fearless5 Coordinator, “This year’s emPOWER project focused on integrating head, heart, and hands, pushing students to not only understand their chosen issue but also to connect emotionally and take tangible action.”

The Fearless5 project at Santa Maria College exemplifies our dedication to providing an education that transcends traditional learning. By engaging with real-world problems, our students develop the skills and confidence needed to face the future as informed, caring, and proactive citizens. This initiative is a testament to the power of education to foster innovation, character, and a lifelong commitment to social responsibility.

Equipping Our Year 10 Students for the Future

Santa Maria College’s Future10 Program empowers Year 10 students with comprehensive guidance for academic and career planning. Through personalised course counselling, resources like the Learn Curriculum Handbook, and interactive events such as the Course Expo, students gain clarity and confidence in their subject choices. The program fosters a collaborative approach involving parents, teachers, and external representatives, ensuring students are well-prepared for their future pathways.

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the Winter Appeal and Outreach Mass at Santa Maria College.

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