Feeding Those In Need this Easter

“Lexie and I made a tuna bake together on the weekend and on Tuesday Night we joined other SMC representatives to divide this and other food up among the homeless community. As it is coming up to Easter, we were able to hand out many Easter eggs. Smiles just grew when the community received these. Lexie and I chose to complete this activity together as we found we both have a passion for helping others. On reflection, it allowed us to be grateful for the food and shelter we have to share with our family this Easter.” – Grace Hendriks (2013)


We had pre-made some food to take on the weekend. We brought our tuna, pasta bake. I had a great time, although It was a little confronting. It was both a unique and rewarding experience. It gave me an insight, and provided a different perspective, of the homeless community. I would recommend this as a new and positive experience and opportunity for Mentors and Mentees, as well as giving back to the community.” – Lexie May, Year 10 student

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