Fenella Peacock – Artist in Residence

Over the last two weeks, our Visual Arts students have been working alongside Artist in Residence, Fenella Peacock. Fenella is an amazing artist, working in many different fields.

Fenella Peacock is an icon of the food and fashion industries in Perth. During her career in fashion, she has built up two international labels (Empire Line and Antipodium), launched her own Fenella Peacock label and mentored local talent; at the stovetop she has headed up a kitchen in Sydney (Bayswater Brasserie), launched her own successful cafe and catering company and provided menu development to West Australian restaurants.
Today she is offering all her knowledge and experience in a menu of services that include: weddings, food, fashion and School of Design + sewing. (from https://fenellapeacock.net)

When did you find your passion for art?
I’ve always had a great passion to create, usually through a mixture of techniques and mediums. My goal is to find a beauty where it may have previously been overlooked.

What ignites your creativity?
Lots of things ignite my creativity, mostly it’s mood that bubbles up and overflows – followed by painstaking hours planning and making.

Who has inspired you throughout your career?
I’ve had lots of inspiration throughout my career, usually from peers who are working in a similar industry. I love doing parades and competitions – working on your range, only to discover so many others had the same idea. It’s amazing and shows you are completely on track. People who have inspired me through my life are Vivien Westwood, Comme de Garsons, Issey Miyake and Anna Flanders.

What have you been working on with the girls?
I’ve loved my time with the Santa Maria girls, we have been working on loads of wonderful projects with a product called Powertex – a strong air-dry clay.
– The Year 8s have been dollmaking
– The Year 9s are creating primitive jewellery and creating no-sew garments that are handpainted and embroidered. They look amazing!
– Year 10s are making wearable art pieces using the Powertex, cane and armatures.

What has been one of your favourite moments?
One of my favourite moments has been hand painting fabrics for the Year 9 garments – 20 girls splashing and slapping to make wonderful fabrics!

What is one last piece of advice you would like to leave with our girls?
Never stop dreaming, life is a non-stop playground, don’t get too serious!

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