Final Year 12 Performance

The emotions were high as the Year 12 Music class took centre stage for their final recital, a poignant event that marked both an end and a new beginning. The recital, attended by the girls’ families, showcased the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. The atmosphere was alive as thirteen solo and instrumental performances reverberated through the Music Department, each note a testament to the talents nurtured within the Music Program.

Guiding the journey of these young musicians, Paul Kinsella, Head of Music, acknowledged the significant contributions the Year 12 class had made to the Music Program over the years. “The collaborative spirit they have displayed as a leadership team is nothing short of exceptional, leaving a mark on our program.” Paul expressed his confidence in their future endeavours while also encouraging them to keep the harmonies of music alive in their lives ahead.

Music Captain Ciara Smithies shared her own reflections. “Seven years in the Music Department has brought many lifelong friendships, joyful memories, and so many unforgettable experiences that will accompany me into the future”. Ciara described the wild ride that her musical journey had been. She spoke of the bonds created with her fellow musicians during her time as Music Captain. Ciara also extended her appreciation to Paul Kinsella, whose influence, she said, had transformed the Music Department into something truly special.

The Year 12 Music class has not only honed their musical talents while at Santa Maria but also composed a legacy of camaraderie, dedication, and artistic passion. We wish the girls all the best and hope they continue their musical endeavours.

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