2018 Media Captain Back For Technology Day

The Year 12 Applied Information Technology class and the Year 9 Entrepreneurship classes heard from our 2018 Media Captain and Old Girl, Fioline Oetomo this week as part of Technology Day activities.

Fioline started her own photography business FIO Photography while she was still studying at Santa Maria. She shared how she was motivated by her family and wanting to have flexible work hours. Fioline is studying a Bachelor of Communications/Bachelor of Graphic Design at Murdoch University.

The Year 9s were keen to hear how she was able to produce high-quality work, receive guidance on her expanding business, and the motivations behind her choice of pathway.

The Year 12s were excited to realise that a lot of what they were learning in Applied Information Technology was fully present in Fioline’s work. She creates design briefs, completes project management processes, annotates designs and uses technology to solve problems.

We appreciate Fioline’s time and for coming in to share with us!

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