Fluor Engineering Challenge

Year 10 Physics students are engaged in various engineering design projects on a weekly basis as part of the Physics course. Mechanics is the current topic and students have so far designed and tested some creative structures. 

This week, the project is running alongside the 2021 Fluor Engineering Challenge held internationally with Australia one of the eligible countries for prizes.

The girls are required to build a tower as tall as they can using just thirty A4 papers and one roll of office tape. They must be able to balance a can of food on it for sixty seconds. The fewer sheets of paper used and the taller the tower is, the higher the score.

The ideas put into practice have been astounding. Each group had their own impressive way of applying the physical concepts to establish a sturdy system: from trusses, to diverse geometrical networks to origami mini squares. 

So far, the record for the tallest tower stands at around 110 centimetres!

We are sure there will be more to hear about the 2021 Flour Challenge results in the future!

IGSSA Cross Country

Our IGSSA Cross Country season reached its finale last Friday. The squad’s dedication and hard work this year truly shone through!

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