Following in Their Steps

Over the next two weeks, Year 9s will be split into two groups, with group 1 heading off to camp while group 2 participates in their Transition Program and Reflection Day. The groups will swap for the second week.

To start off the week, group 2 participated in their Reflection Day, where the girls followed in the footsteps of the first Sisters of Mercy when they arrived in Australia 176 years ago.

As students walked this journey of remembrance, they were encouraged to focus on their own personal journey through life. They were reminded that each person has their own unfolding story. 

Students were transported from the College to Fremantle to begin an ‘Amazing Race of Mercy’ at Bathers Beach. This was the arrival point for Mother Ursula Frayne and her companions in January 1846. Whilst in Fremantle, students also visited The Orient, the site where Mother Ursula and her fellow Sisters rested before travelling to Perth.

Students then travelled by bus to Barrack Street Jetty in Perth CBD. The race saw them challenged with various clues that took them to the Pro-Cathedral and the Mercy Heritage Centre at Victoria Square. The girls stopped at significant landmarks along the way, reliving the journey of the Sisters.

Below, students reflect on their experiences.

Our Year 9 Reflection Day was a really good experience we all enjoyed. It was great to have the independence to walk around both Perth and Fremantle, tracking down clues while also following the footsteps of Ursula Frayne and the Sisters of Mercy. I liked learning about the early sisters and how challenging it was for them when they arrived. Megan Button​

The Year 9 Reflection Day was an incredible opportunity. We learned about the Sisters of Mercy and their long journey to Australia. We enjoyed following their path around Fremantle and Perth. We also had the opportunity to work in teams with other girls we hadn’t worked with before and got to develop new friendships. Katarina Anastasakis 

I found the Reflection Day immensely enlightening as I was able to view the journey the Sisters of Mercy took to establish schools such as our own. I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Amazing Race’ around Fremantle and Perth because it was fun and educational. I liked working with new people in my team and the opportunity to learn about the pioneer Sisters in WA. Amelia Taranto

We look forward to our second opportunity next Tuesday, where we will share the experience with group 1 while group 2 attends camp.

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