Friendship Workshop

Years 6, 7 and 8 students had the opportunity this week to take part in a Friendship workshop facilitated by Nikki Davis from Enlighten Education.

The Enlighten Education workshop explained to the girls the necessary skills to make safe, important decisions about their friendships. The girls were also asked to take on a 21 day challenge. During the 21 days they were asked to commit to repeating positive affirmations to themselves at least twice a day and they were to use only positive words with themselves and to others.From the presentation from Enlighten Education I learnt, that words have the power to heal and you find friendships where you are comfortable.
Grace Beeson, Year 7The thing I liked most about the friendship presentation was the affirmation activity because it taught me how to say positive things about other people. I also learnt what others thought was special about me. Kimberly Muzambwa, Year 7We particularly enjoyed how you introduced yourself in detail at the start, giving us an insight to who you are and how your personality developed. Letting us know you you are and how you became who you are today, can help us relate more to what you are talking about and your perspective on the subject of friendship. Stella Hammond, Year 8 I enjoyed how Nikki allowed us to write about the many qualities and traits that we love about our friends. I feel that this was a good experience for the Year 8’s to feel special and for us to share complements with each other. Evie McCormack, Year 8

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