From Frida to Van Gogh: Art Day 2022

Year 12 Visual Art Students

Art day is an annual event that gets everyone involved in creative and interactive activities provided by the Art Department and Year 12 Visual Art students.

This year was a wild and windy day. But this didn’t stop the number of students who came to the Mercy Gallery. The gallery provided a haven of colour and movement.

Year 12 students and staff dressed up in art-themed costumes. A variety of different art-inspired activities were on offer including:

  • live portrait drawing
  • an art competition with prizes
  • music
  • an Instagram selfie frame
  • finish the face
  • art stickers

Below, some of the Year 12s shared the inspiration behind their costumes and what they love about studying art at Santa Maria.

Tayla Beagley
I dressed up as the street artist Banksy because I like the style of art, and it was something cosy and simple to do.
I love studying art at Santa Maria because it is fun and a subject that I do to relax.

Eliza Treasure
I dressed up as a Van Gogh sunflower because it is fun to be so colourful on such a rainy day.
I love how we can experiment with many different techniques in art and find out which ones we like best.

Charlotte Parsons

I dressed up as Edgar De Gas Ballerinas.
Studying art at Santa Maria gives me freedom of expression. Having a beautiful creative outlet provides a break from the academic culture of the rest of the school. It’s a therapeutic space.

Natalie Loach
I dressed up as Frida Kahlo because she is an amazing, inspirational female artist we also studied in class.
I love the community in the Art Department. Having a group of people who love art inspires us to work harder.

Thank you to the Year 12 students and Art staff for your enthusiasm and for providing a creative outlet for our students and staff on Art Day!

Visual Art Staff
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