From Our Head Boarder

Sage Murphy

Wishing the Year 12s and their families all the best in the future. 

To the 2020 graduating class and their families, on behalf of the Boarding community we congratulate you on finishing your schooling journey. Each and every Year 12 has been a role model for the younger girls in the Santa Maria Community, and so we thank you. Your contribution and service to the Santa Boarding Community has not gone without recognition.

Your school year is now over and as the graduating class; your adventure beyond school begins now. You are no longer the same students you were when you first arrived at Santa; you are now independent, young women. After fourteen years of schooling, you have come so far. You have done so much, but there is so much more to do.

This is your moment; this is your time to show the world what you can achieve. To open doors of opportunities for yourselves. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours whatever they may be. To the girls, ensure to thank your families for the opportunities they have provided you with by attending Santa Maria College. Congratulations to the Santa Maria boarders in the graduating class of 2020, you have made your families proud and we are proud of you.  

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